I’m thrilled that I was able to give my third talk at WordCamp Phoenix! I’ve grown to love Chandler and WCPHX over the years and all the amazing talented speakers. My talk is titled:

“Designer vs Developer – Creators in WordPress”

This talk will explore myths & preconceptions about roles.. When we push these boundaries, we can achieve greater things. If you understand what you’re trying to accomplish both technically and visually, you will have fantastic a outcome.

We’ll touch on “crossover”(golden unicorn) topics such as UI, UX, trusting instincts, user testing, wire framing, information architecture, front end structure, and form.

WordPress is a great place to put this into practice: as its a perfect environment for leaning php,css, but also its surrounding community support helps us achieve greatness.

I’ll post up the video whenever it’s ready.

“Be the Unicorn”
cheers, sara

4 thoughts on ““Designer vs Developer – Creators in WordPress” WordCamp Phoenix Presentation

  1. Hey Sara,
    Thank you for sharing this slideshow, and I look forward to watching the video.

    I’ve always thought I was something in the middle between a pure designer and a pure developer or coder.

    Now, I am happy with what I am and will continue to be myself.


  2. Thanks for the slide Sara. I started as Front End Developer, did some WordPress and then had to do some design too which I love a lot and try to improve on some spare time.

    But honestly since I am into web stuffs only, minus branding and what pure designer does I thought its good a developer can do some design too and may have some idea.

    Since optimisation is such a top priority for most of site, it helps a lot.

  3. Hi, Sara – I adore your slideshow! I have been trying to make “developsigner” happen but I think “unicorn” is a far better descriptor of what I aspire to become. I really like your approach to this subject and I’m looking forward to the video of your talk. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Very cool slideshow, I think of myself as right in the middle of the spectrum, I loved your explanation! And I believe we can develop either ability, though certainly it is easier to be predisposed, it seems, for some aspects of art and logic.

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