Disney Publishing Worldwide has relaunched it’s books site, books.disney.com, on WordPress. When Disney came to us, we were excited, but it was clear that the biggest struggle was going to be the timeline. They wanted to build an all new books.disney.com on WordPress, and they needed it in less than a month. It was a tall order, but we pulled it off. From concept, to wireframing, design, development, and launch, Range put in a team effort to design and build the new books.disney.com.

In order to keep such a tight timeline, we knew wireframes needed to be done in less than a week, and the design needed to be finished just a week after that. Sara Cannon stepped up to the plate to lead the wireframes and design, and kept the schedule right on track. The design is also responsive, so it looks great on every device.

The development team pulled some crazy hours for a little while there, but the end result is an amazing site that meets our client’s needs and was delivered on time. We couldn’t have done it without Disney, who was a great partner. They held up their end of the bargain to trust our instincts and give quick feedback every time we needed it.

We are proud of the end result, and we hope you like it too. Be sure to check out the site, and who knows, you may find a new book for you and your family.

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