Morgan Kay: Drawing with SVG

Some projects give us the opportunity to deepen really cool skills. On a recent project for renowned author Rick Riordan (see our our porfolio), one of our talented developers, Morgan Kay, had the opportunity to dive deep into drawing SVGs with JavaScript.

Because we’re passionate about sharing the lessons we learn, she organized her new knowledge into a fantastic presentation for WordCamp Seattle. Here’s the excerpt:

SVG (scalable vector graphics) can be a really powerful tool for creating dynamic content on your website. In this talk, I will show you how to make responsive animations with HTML and JavaScript, using as a case study.

Click the video above or watch her talk on to increase your knowledge base. For those of you who are particularly curious, you can find additional SVG insights and links in her previous journal post, Drawing SVGs with JavaScript: A Tutorial.


Curious about working with Morgan or one of our other talented team members? Let us know over on the contact page! We’d love to say hello. 

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