New Plugin Release: WP Google Analytics

Range has been working closely with VIP to add some new functionality to our WP Google Analytics plugin, and the new version is now available! WP Google Analytics is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily integrate your site with Google Analytics. You can track 404s and outgoing links as events, as well as use Custom Variables.

To view your 404s or outgoing links in Google Analytics, go to Content -> Events -> Overview.

For 404s, the event category is “404”, the event action is the URL on your site that gave the 404, and the event label is the referrer that the user came from.

For outgoing links the event category is “Outbound Links”, the event action is the domain the link went to (ie, and the event label is the full URL linked to (ie

This plugin can be found in the plugin repo, and if you’re a VIP client, you can activate it from your VIP dashboard! If you’re interested, you can contribute to the plugin on Github.

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