Ranger to Co-Lead WordPress 3.6 Development

Planning and development is just starting for WordPress 3.6 and I’m even more excited than usual! For the 3.6 release I’ll be co-leading the project with Mark Jaquith. We’ll be focusing the release on Content Editing and the potential is nearly overwhelming. Over the next week or so, we’ll be pairing down the list of ideas, cutting things that don’t fit or can’t be done within the scope of this release, and then setting the schedule. Some of the current ideas include:

  • Autosave – Better auto saving, including making use of local storage, so we never lose anything ever again.
  • Better diffs – when viewing the differences between post revisions, give something more user friendly (words changed, prettier output, etc)
  • Post locking – current post locking is really just a notice that someone else is editing the post. We’d like to see an actual lockout with a “click to takeover” option, as well as an indicator in the posts list which posts are currently locked
  • Better post format UI in admin – So users can better tell what post formats do/what they’re for
  • Twenty Thirteen – The new default theme, which will hopefully highlight the functionality of post formats
  • Editorial flow – Allow post updates to be submitted for review

Currently everything in still in flux and some things might get cut, re-prioritized, or added, but this is already shaping up to be an amazing release!

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