Pete Mall to talk about the YouTube Upload Widget

Join and YouTube this week to find out more about our open source upload widget for WordPress. We will show you how it works and walk you through the source code for the widget itself.

Tune in to @YouTube Developers Live at 10am PDT


update: check out the video of the show & demo below!

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One thought on “Pete Mall to talk about the YouTube Upload Widget

  1. Really helpful, but I got lost at about minute 7 or 8, would also like to have heard if this plug in will be supported long term, unlike many plug ins that seem to lose support and also show us some sites that use it and then a follow up with real users who can tell you what works well and what doesn’t also if there are any clashes that may occur with existing plug ins, all of course for the not hugely technical but like to know what’s really involved brigade !

    Thanks Monica from Dubai currently migrating .com to .org for doindubai and looking for the best youtube plug in.

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