Range Restructuring

Range started in the summer of 2012 as a partnership between Pete Mall, Aaron Campbell, and Sara Cannon. We had worked together as freelancers for a number of years already, and we were excited to start a business together.

From the very beginning, we’ve had the opportunity to work with great brands on projects that we are very proud of. We decided we wanted to grow slowly, and we’ve done so successfully. We are just as passionate today as we were two years ago.

As time has passed and we’ve gained experience as small business owners, one of our partners has decided that, in his current situation, he’s ready to explore more traditional work opportunities.

Today is Aaron Campbell’s last day with Range. He’s leaving Range on very good terms; we are grateful for his commitment to our business over the last two years. Aaron has moved his home and family to spend more time with his parents and grandparents, and has a number of personal priorities that don’t allow him to put in the type of hours he would like to put into growing Range while maintaining his preferred work / life balance.

We’re sad to see Aaron go, but completely respect his decision, and wish him very well in his future endeavors.

As of today, Pete Mall will officially be Range’s President & CEO, Sara Cannon will remain our Creative Director, and Brian Krogsgard is now going to be our Director of Operations.

As for our work, our goals, and our clients: nothing changes. We’re excited to continue providing world-class design, develpment, and consulting services to some of the best clients in the business.

– Pete Mall & Sara Cannon

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Managing Partner / Creative Director

Sara loves design, typography, user experience, and art. She gives talks around the globe on web design, user experience, typography, and more. A seasoned designer, Sara has done work for clients such as Disney Publishing and Flickr. She loves open source, her pets, traveling, and WordPress.

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