Elana’s Pantry: A Scaling Case Study

Elana's Pantry Healthy Gluten Free Paleo Recipes

Elana’s Pantry is the original Paleo blog and resource. It’s author, Elana, has been blogging about all things healthy and paleo before paleo gained its current popularity status. She has a large number of followers on social media and receives substantial spikes in traffic every time she shares a link on social media. Before working with Range, Elana had to stop sharing new posts on Facebook because the high traffic levels would bring down her site every time. When Elana first contacted Range about her scaling issues, we knew we were up for the task.

After looking through the site analytics and auditing the code, we devised a strategic plan for her specific scaling needs. We customized a server for her traffic flow and set up a full page cache with auto cache purging. We also rewrote some parts of the theme to avoid direct database queries and eliminated un-cached queries which reduced the load on MySQL. The results were outstanding. Not only did we remove the downtime from spikes in traffic, we prevented any issues when she saw new record breaking daily traffic.

The Results Graph

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