Insight Into: Our Ideal Redesign Client


Are you looking for an awesome team to redesign your website? How would you know if you’re Range’s ideal redesign client? What great questions!

Clients who really enjoy our redesign process tend to be clients who

A lot of these clients are currently featured in our portfolio. Read on to find out whether you’d be a great fit for Range to redo your site as well!

1. You dream big.

You’re curious about the boundaries of WordPress and you’re looking to implement some crazy big ideas that’ll take your business to the next level.

2. You’re looking for a partnership.

Websites, even the simple and well-built ones, can take a lot of work to maintain. For this reason, you’re looking to enlist a long term partner who can help you build a website and keep it running smoothly each month. You want to spend the bulk of your time on your business and not have to think about website maintenance.

3. You thrive on collaboration.

You’re energized by participating in branding, design, and development. You recognize that your input throughout the redesign is vital to co-creation. You’re willing to set aside several hours during each stage of our process to verify that our direction perfectly aligns with your business and your goals.

4. You understand process and flexibility go hand-in-hand.

We’ve worked hard to create an easy and efficient process for our clients. Yet this process has a good deal of built-in flexibility because we realize no project, no business, no client, is ever exactly the same. As a business owner or manager, you understand (and are comfortable with) the fact that it takes both process and flexibility to make great things happen.

5. You’re budget aware.

You recognize that websites can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $100,000 depending on your timeline, the size of your website, and what you’d like to do with it. You understand that more features coincides with a higher price tag so you’re willing to help us prioritize features and pages to hit the budget and timeline you have in mind.

6. You’re eager to teach us about your business.

You’re excited about what you do and where you’re going! You’d love to tell us about the customers you serve, the products you offer, and the goals you have. You realize that while we’re the experts on web development, you’re the expert on your business and we need to learn from you in order to build the site you need.

7. You appreciate high-quality work.

If you had to choose between good, fast, or cheap, you’d choose good almost every time. You value the kind of work that takes effort, expertise, attention to detail, and patience. You’ve built your business on high-quality offerings or support so you’re naturally looking for a high-quality agency to build the site that reflects your value.

Are you our ideal client? Let us know!

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