Variable fonts are coming!

variable fontThere is a lot of buzz going on in the typography industry. It’s all about the introduction of Variable Fonts into our ecosystem. It’s being developed jointly by Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, and Google. Nothing is ready yet, but it is setting the standard for the future of web design. Exciting stuff! As Tim Brown at Adobe Typekit put it:

Imagine condensing or extending glyph widths ever so slightly, to accommodate narrow and wide viewports. Imagine raising your favorite font’s x-height just a touch at small sizes. […] Imagine this all happening live on the web, as a natural part of responsive design.

I’m really excited to see what the future holds for web design with the introduction of variable fonts. But as Tim Brown mentions, we have a long way to go. We need designers to make and offer variable fonts, rendering engines that can show the fonts, browsers and design software to support the rendering engines, and ways for people to design with these new fonts. Even though the world is not quite ready for variable fonts, designers should certainly be excited about the future.

Check it out for yourself by reading the article by Tim Brown and this technical introduction by John Hudson.


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