Insight Into: Our Custom Redesign Process

Would you like a peek into our custom redesign process?

We’d love to give you a glimpse!

Would you like a peek into our custom redesign process?

We’d love to give you a glimpse! Read below for our philosophy, approach to requirements, and standard process.

Process Philosophy 

Our custom redesign process involves, as the name implies, a good bit of customization. However, there are some commonalities between the many projects we’ve successfully completed.

The following values define our approach to redesign partnerships:

  • Customized Workflows: We recognize that each and every project is unique. We create a customized project plan, from scratch, for each and every project. Yours included.
  • People Over Process: We believe that a great process and workflow should aid, and never hinder, the people involved in a project.
  • Clarity Over Ambiguity: We strive for clarity in all our communications. You shouldn’t have to make assumptions about progress, bugs, edits, or whether things are on track.
  • Informed Clients: We supply frequent and detailed status updates that are accessible to all team members.


Before We Begin… We Listen.

We start off new project conversations by gathering requirements – we listen to our potential clients explain where they are, where they want to go and what roadblocks stand in their way.

Once we’ve determined a potential client is a good fit (see Our Ideal Redesign Client), we listen to what they’ve tried in the past and how they’d like to manage their site going forward. We hear about why they want to redesign now and what resources they have available. Then we ask detailed follow-up questions about internal processes, marketing goals, business insights, and timelines. From there, we research, pull from our expert experiences and recommend additional site deliverables that will help our clients achieve their goals. We actively work with our clients to refine project scope and craft a successful and mutual agreement. Then, we kick off the project! 

While every project has unique needs and challenges, this is our standard (and historically successful) custom redesign methodology: 


Discovery Phase – Deeply Understanding Our Clients

discovery-illustration-01We host meetings and conduct research with client visionaries to define goals and solidify priorities for the new site. This phase is key to re-organization and goal-setting and provides the base research that makes our designs strategic. We skip this part of the process only in the rarest occasions. 

Deliverables can include:

  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Brand Story Analysis
  • Research Interview Report
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Archetypes
  • User Stories
  • Sitemap

Design Phase – Strategically Crafting Visuals

design-illustration-02In the design phase, the client receives custom designs strategically crafted to optimize new site goals (e.g. increasing newsletter signup rates by 25%). Site designs are based on the information, data, and research we gather in the Discovery Phase. The first stage of designs typically involves a style tile or wireframe. These then evolve into designs that we iterate with our clients. Throughout this process, we use lots of collaborative tools like Invision to make sure our clients are as involved as they’d like to be. 

Deliverables can include:

  • Style Tile
  • Moodboard
  • Mobile & Desktop Wireframes
  • Mobile & Desktop Designs
  • Revised Designs
  • Style Guide

Development Phase – High-End Implementation

code-illustration-03Throughout development, our clients have full access to our expert development team as we build out the approved designs under client supervision to create a scalable, fully responsive, and easily managed website. We’ll host weekly meetings and/or send out progress reports so our clients can be fully in loop. 

Deliverables can include:

  • Password Restricted Staging Site
  • Custom Theme Build
  • Responsiveness
  • Specific Items Outlined in an RFP  
  • Specific Items Identified in Discovery

Launch & Support Phase – Expert Support & Site Monitoring

support-illustration-04Once a client reviews and approves their brand new beautiful site, we launch and monitor it for any errors, bugs, and development issues during a predetermined timeframe called the support phase.

We don’t just launch and dash. We stick around to ensure things are running smoothly and as expected.

Once the support phase has concluded, our clients can sign up for a second phase or an ongoing maintenance through a retainer. We absolutely love how many of our projects turn into longterm partnerships at this stage! 

Sounds great! How do we get started?

Interested in your own custom redesign? Head on over to our Contact Page and tell us a bit about what you have in mind. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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