When Should You Redesign Your Website? 15 Indicators It’s Time

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For many companies, a site is the most valuable external-facing asset they own. It’s one of the major ways potential customers find, assess, and contact them. For a growing number of companies, it’s the only way potential customers do these things.

That’s why, at Range, we emphasize keeping your site up-to-date with branding, business goals, and the latest technology. We’re continually improving our site for these reasons and we strongly encourage our clients to do the same.

But how do you know whether your site needs a bit of tweaking, a full-blown redesign, or something in between?

While the answer to that will depend on what you’re currently working with, here are 15 indicators it’s time to locate a redesign partner for some serious consultation:

1. Your site doesn’t support your business goals

What are your business goals? Does your site move you closer to these goals or allow you to track them? If your site isn’t connected to any of your business goals, what purpose does it currently serve?

2. Your site isn’t equipped to support or track your marketing campaigns

If you have any active marketing campaigns, can you track their impact on your site? Can you display similar materials on your homepage or landing pages? Did you know your site can be a big asset to your campaigns? There are so many available tools and analytics that can help you monitor campaign efficacy and impact within your website!

3. You’ve updated your brand and your site is lagging behind

We’re pretty big brand advocates. And if you have an existing style guide, we take that seriously. If your site is one of the primary ways users interact with you, and your site is off-brand, your users will likely either be confused by your identify or settle on whatever identity they see online. You see why we take your style guide seriously?

4. Your services, mission, or offerings have shifted significantly

This follows closely with #1. If your site doesn’t reflect your mission (reason for existing), your services (what you can do), or your offerings (what you’re selling), why does it exist? And what is it doing for you?

5. The technology on your site is really outdated (e.g. it’s in flash)

Most browsers will not display Flash components unless the user specifically requests this. Seriously, if your site is built in Flash, email us now.

6. Your business is rapidly expanding and you need an online presence that can keep up

Sometimes, it’s possible to expand an existing site. Other times, the framework isn’t extensible or is so bloated it can’t accommodate new pages or features. If you anticipate expanding your site alongside your business, the framework should be able to handle that expansion. If it can’t, you may need a new setup.

7. Your company has been acquired by or is merging with another company

Acquisitions and mergers can dramatically impact your business, marketing, and brand goals. If this is your situation, does your site support new goals and allow you to make updates?

8. Your site loads very slowly. V…e…r…y slowly

If users pull up your site and walk away to make coffee or a phone call while it loads, that’s not a good sign. In an age of instant-gratification, you’re likely losing potential customers that are (not) waiting around for your content to load.

9. Major components of your site do not function properly or are permanently broken

Chances are, you have those major components in there for a reason. If you’ve outgrown them and no longer need the functionality, it’s probably time to streamline your code (see #8). If you do still need them and they’re not working, it’s time to revamp and get a better solution in place asap.

10. Your site navigation is so confusing, overly complex, and difficult that you don’t even like looking at it

Most users will take the path of least resistance when it comes to exploring your site. So if important information is hidden in the third navigation tier or tucked away on the side of an obscure About page, you can bank on it staying hidden. Do your analytics show that users are making it to important pages?

11. Your current framework doesn’t allow you to manage most of your rotating content

This is a popular reason for companies without full-time developers on staff. Even if your site is beautiful, on-brand, and efficient, it’s going to be a pain to manage if every bit of content is hardcoded and requires developer assistance to change.

12. Your site is impossible to navigate on devices smaller than a laptop

If users pulls up your site on their phone and have to zoom in about four times before they can read the desktop-style menu, it’s certainly time for an update. Especially when some studies suggest that users are accessing the internet more from mobile devices than desktops these days. Are you driving away potential customers?

13. Users reach your 404 page more often than any other page

While we hope you have a custom and branded 404 page, we also hope your customers never get a chance to see it. If visitors are more familiar with the layout of your 404 page than the layout of your site, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

14. Your site is so visually unappealing that you hesitate to share your URL

We build websites that our clients are proud to show off. If you cringe and mumble something about “a work in progress” every time a potential customer asks for your URL, let us give you a site you can’t wait to share!

15. You’ve received a significant number of customer rants concerning your website

If your customers repeatedly tell you that your site is hard to navigate, crashes frequently, or frustrates them, it’s in your best business interests to explore a more user-friendly way to represent your company (and keep your customers).

If any of these describe your current site, it’s time to reach out to experts and explore your options.

Curious about what one of our redesigns would entail? Send us a message and say hello or explore our previous designs in our portfolio

We hope to meet you soon!


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