We don’t do everything. Sometimes we partner with people. You’ll thank us.

Imagine you have a really big, colossal project. Even better, imagine you’ve been approved for a near-infinite budget! Excellent. Let’s dream about the team of experts we could assemble:

UX gurus, UI experts, photographers, videographers, animators, copywriters, copy editors, data analysts, experts in various programming languages, system administrators, account managers, and a host of project managers to name a few.

But this doesn’t really sound like your project, does it? In our five years as an agency, we’ve noticed that most projects aren’t that big and almost no budget is that infinite. It’s one of the main reasons we don’t do everything. Most folks, they don’t need everything.

We Keep Things Lean for a Reason

Instead, we keep a highly skilled and flexible core staff on hand at all times. These teammates can tackle most every request we receive, within a budget our clients can afford:

  • A backend expert
  • Fullstack developers
  • Creative Director + Designer
  • Project Manager

That second part, “within a budget our clients can afford” is one of the bigger reasons we keep our staff so lean. If we kept a wide variety of experts on hand all year (just in case), we’d either need to raise project prices dramatically or devote less specialized attention to our clients. Those options do not benefit the clients we enjoy partnering with or the work we strive to do.

What About Special Projects?

Every now and then, special projects do require that we bring an outside partner with special expertise. In those cases, we tap into the networks we’re continually growing to find the perfect match for our clients. Whether the partner is an agency or individual, we review the candidate’s track record, quality of work, and upcoming schedule to ensure they can deliver, on time, the kind of work the project requires.

Okay, Doesn’t This Slow a Project Down?

In many cases, the folks we partner with are professionals we’ve known for years. They often fit into our team so seamlessly you’d think they were on staff with us. After all, they’re in our network because we enjoy working with them and trust their excellent work!

We also bring each person into one cohesive project management app so that most information is available to everyone at all times. That way, things don’t get de-centralized and sluggish.

The Result

The result of this approach is that we can offer excellent work at a fair price to our clients.

And on special projects that require say, a photographer or content strategist, we have plenty of professionals in mind that can quickly join our team to make that project happen.

Ready to tell us about your project? We can’t wait to listen.

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Project Manager

Laura leads team efficiency by communicating with clients, tracking hoards of details, and providing timely support. She likes challenging recipes, hedgehogs, beautiful words, and bourbon.

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