How We Use Teamwork, Our Project Management App


Projects have the potential to get pretty messy, even with a dedicated project manager. To balance that risk, we set high standards for our team and the tools we use.

When our previous project management tool started falling short of those standards, we began looking for something that could keep up.

Our New Tool Checklist

We knew a new project management tool had to allow us to accomplish certain key tasks. It needed to provide:

  • means to communicate with clients
  • a place to store information and documents
  • task management (including sub tasks)
  • timeline and/or calendar capabilities
  • a pricing structure that suited our budget
  • a Slack-ready integration or a well-documented API
  • excellent support staff

Ideally, we also wanted to consolidate our growing list of other tools. For this reason, we looked for an app that could additionally:

  • track time
  • help with billing
  • afford a high degree of customization

Built by an Agency Like Us

While there are several stellar project management apps out there (and we tried quite a few of them), we happily selected Teamwork Projects after several weeks of research and testing.

Teamwork was built by a company, similar to us, that needed a better way to track their projects and communicate with their clients. To address these needs, they built (with the help of a client) their own customized tool – Teamwork. Eventually, it became so successful that the company moved away from client work and focused entirely on their product.

After reading up on the features and hearing some key testimonials from other busy creatives, we dove in for a trial. 

task organization
Testing the setup with one of our internal projects, the Range journal.

Our Favorite Teamwork Features

While any tool takes a while to get used to, here are a few features that took us from “just testing the platform” to Teamwork advocates:

  • Customizable roles for each user and client, per project
  • A custom URL for our brand
  • Advanced task tracking and organization
individual task
All the right questions.
  • Reliable time tracking that can be edited, organized by tags and sorted by billable vs. non-billable hours
  • The ability to keep all information (conversations, links, documents, time, billing) in one location
tagging links
You can even organize your links by tags.
  • The flexibility to create multiple projects for our larger clients
  • The option to quickly add and track notes (like call notes!) through notebooks
weekly meeting notes
Team-wide access to organized call notes? Yes please.
  • Teamwork’s commitment to fast and helpful customer service. Any time we’ve reached out with a question or comment, they’ve responded quickly and with the information we needed.
  • Board view for tasks (each user can choose to view tasks as lists or boards)
  • The ability to create and automatically add various templates (lists, categories) to each newly create project.
This is some serious efficiency.

Check out Teamwork yourself for more information on the kind of problems it’s designed to solved!

Interested in collaborating with us on your upcoming project? Let us know over on the Contact Page. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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