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Building an online presence is tough.

There’s a world of people out there but reaching them is not easy. To build an effective website, you’ll need to understand design, development, security, hosting, search engines, maintenance and what people want.

It’s also time-consuming.

If you’re a small team, you don’t have time to become an expert in everything digital. You have plenty of other important roles to fill. Sure, you could cut corners and throw up a web page, but we’ve all been to those – they’re eye-sore and hard to navigate.

Can you afford not having a good website?

Reach Your Potential

As WordPress experts, we specialize in bridging the gap between what you’re currently showcasing online and what you could be showcasing online. When we partner with you, we leverage 10+ years of experience to provide what you need to achieve your goals – whether that’s driving foot traffic to the latest exhibit or boosting sales in the museum store.

We do the hard and time-consuming online part so you can focus on engaging visitors with everything your museum has to offer.

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Save staff time and energy

Websites are powerful information tools. When your site answers visitor and scholar questions, your staff has more time to work on important tasks. Give visitors, donors and researchers the tools they need to engage without draining your staff’s time and energy.

How We Built the Smart Guide

Reach and inspire more visitors with a WordPress website built especially for your museum.

  • Create shared experiences
  • Showcase collections
  • Integrate collection management software
  • Refine your digital strategy
  • Craft strategic fundraising pages
  • Improve event management and event registration
  • Boost sales in an online art store
  • Align your online presence with broader museum goals

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