We Believe

Here at Range, we carry a system of values that are reflected in our work and set us apart.


Design & Strategy Go Together

We love asking questions and solving complex problems through design. We believe that achieving goals comes through strategic designs that are highly refined and technically sound.


User Experience is Key

When someone interacts with your brand online, the experience they have will make or break the site. A user can walk away achieving one of the site goals, or they can give up in frustration. We believe that not only is the user experience key on the user-facing side, but also on the content management side. We strive for excellence in user experience in everything we touch, even in code documentation.


Technology Should be Sound

We love technology. We strive to be at the forefront of progress: coding for the years ahead, not the years before. We put everything we have into making sure that our product is the best quality – never cutting corners and always testing.


Open Source has Great Value

As active members of the WordPress community, we love utilizing open source tools in our development. We also love giving back to this community and do so by speaking at local and international WordCamps and sharing our code and plugins.