A Custom Client Portal for a Growing Business


The Image Salon, run by a fantastic photography duo, approached us with a booming business in need of a custom client portal. Their hundreds of clients needed a centralized location to place orders, pay invoices, and track order progress. What’s more, the portal needed to integrate with a variety of software that the Image Salon team was already accustomed to using.


To create a beautifully designed custom client portal that integrated with all of The Image Salon’s existing workflows and tools – all so that both the client and editors have seamless experiences.



We needed to create a beautifully design portal that compliments The Image Salon’s brand. (2) Integrate the portal with a variety of tools that The Image Salon team uses on a daily basis. (3) Create an intuitive, structured layout that photographers can navigate quickly and easily.


We designed a portal that is  completely custom and features a detailed user registration process, complex order forms, intuitive profiles, integrated order statuses, access to paid and pending account balances, and a from-scratch referral system. The portal integrates Meister Task, Freshbooks, WordPress, and Gravity Forms to accomplish a streamlined experience.