Two Agencies, One Fantastic Website


Duncan/Channon, a marketing agency in Silicon Valley, reached out to Range to collaborate on building the website for Outset Medical, a medical technology company in San Jose. D/C brought a beautiful dynamic design and vision that we had the pleasure of coding to life.


Our goal was to work with D/C to create a functioning site built on WordPress based on provided designs and notes from the agency. The design is full of many different content types and unique views, so we wanted to make it as easy and logical as possible for content editors.


The goals of this project were to implement the designs form D/C in such a way that the final product was:

  • Professional
  • Maintainable
  • Easily editable


We used custom templates and post types to bring the beautiful design from D/C to life. This level of customization also helped us extend WordPress beyond it’s normal configuration to display information unique to each template. We made the question “where do I go to edit this part of the page?” easy to answer – you edit the page.