Get to know your fellow Ranger. Here are some collective statistics:

10 Contributed Releases of WordPress
45 Talks Given to the Global Community
1245 Commits to Repositories
9 Free plugins and themes

Sara Cannon Managing Partner / Creative Director

Sara has a long history in designing, branding, creating and developing. Our Co-founder and Creative Director of the team, Sara has a passion for art, design and typography, living by her motto, “Life is short, art is long, typography is everything, code is poetry.” A seasoned designer, Sara has done work for clients such as Disney Publishing and Flickr. Combining her love of code with her love of design, Sara is considerably adept at creating memorable as well as functional sites and brands.

Sara has been extensively public speaking since 2009. She deeply believes in the spirit of open source and enjoys teaching on Typography, Design, User Experience, & more.

When she isn’t creating masterpieces, you can find her traveling or at her home base of Birmingham, AL with her pets and a few cans of paint.

“Life is short, art is long, typography is everything, code is poetry.”

Fun Fact: She’s the only Ranger who types in the alternative keyboard layout Dvorak.

Latest Journal Entry: Celebrating 5 years of strategic design and development

Pete Mall Partner / CTO

A veteran open source programmer and core contributor to WordPress, Pete has been building websites for both small companies and Fortune 100 brands for over 12 years. He is also naturally skilled in quickly turning around troubled development projects, improving team productivity, and creating dynamic solutions.

When he isn’t busy doing everything, you can find him in Silicon Valley, enjoying perfect weather, working out, and walking his favorite dog, Max.

Fun Fact: Poker is his night job.

Latest Journal Entry: Supporting Relief Efforts in Nepal

Kyle Evans Code Ranger

Kyle is anything but new to website development. He has nearly fifteen years experience in coding, creating custom themes and plugins, and leading the delivery of great websites.

When Kyle isn’t creating products as adaptive and dynamic as he is, you may be able to find him in the Birmingham airport, working internationally, or out in a wilderness somewhere.

Fun Fact: Doesn't actually scuba enough to warrant the pseudonym scubakyle